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"The Digital Life 2030" - The Innovation Center Connected Living shows the Connected Life in the future for the anniversary of its Smart Life Lab

For more than a decade, the Innovation Center Connected Living makes the Connected Life perceptible in its "Smart Life Lab" at the Telefunken-Tower in Berlin. More than 11,000 visitors have been able to see the great potential of connected systems and technologies in the fields of energy, health, comfort, safety, age-appropriate life and mobility in the real living environment. On 4th September 2017, the network celebrated the 10th anniversary and re-opening of its newly designed "Smart Life Lab", together with its members and top-level guests from economy, politics and research. The showroom illustrates how our future life could look like and which technologies and systems are necessary for this.

How does life look like in 2030? How will digitalization and intelligent, connected technologies affect our daily lives? What challenges do companies, service providers, research and politics have to face in order to enable the entire society to benefit from the great potentials of digital Connected Life? According to the motto "The Digital Life 2030", the anniversary celebration of the Innovation Center Connected Living was entirely in line with these important future questions.

After a champagne reception, the initiator of the "Smart Life Lab" and founder of the Innovation Center Connected Living, Prof. Dr. Dr. Sahin Albayrak, welcomed over 70 guests in the auditorium of the Telefunken-Tower, showed the importance and benefits of an intelligent living environment and gave impulses on how digital connectivity influences our future: „As a pioneer, Connected Living has set a milestone with its "Smart Life Lab". With the first IoT-based, intelligent and real environment showroom in Europe, we were able to create an surrounding that made the vision of the intelligent Connected Life of the future a reality and decisively shaped the term "living lab".”

Dr. Andreas Goerdeler, Ministerial Principal at the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy, emphasized the importance of the joint initiation over 10 years ago in his welcoming speech as the project owner of the "Smart Life Lab": „The showroom constantly shows the technological change, and we have to go a step further and speak about a holistic "Smart Living" as the digital connectivity and digital development are spread to all areas of life and are connecting them”. In addition, Goerdeler highlighted that according to latest studies, the global revenue in the Smart Home sector will reach 90 billion dollars in 2022, and with the view of these forecasts the initiation of the "Smart Life Lab" and the founding of Connected Living was the right decision.

In a subsequent panel discussion, Prof. Albayrak and Dr. Goerdeler discussed together with Prof. Dr. Wolf-Dieter Lukas (Ministerial Director, Federal Ministry of Education and Research), Dr. Heinrich Arnold (CEO, Detecon International GmbH), Christian Klose (CDO, AOK Nordost) and guests about the effects of connectivity and digitalization on the economy and society as well as the role of politics.

Dr. Heinrich Arnold emphasized: „Through the digital connectivity of all areas of life, providers in the market have to work together beyond company boundaries in order to raise the consumer's benefit to the next level. Connected Living offers a helpful ecosystem for this.” Prof. Lukas analyzed the effects of autonomous systems on the Connected Life: „Looking at the year 2030 we still have to ask ourselves which technologies, new possibilities exist and what else will be available in the market then. In any case, we will have autonomous systems which will communicate with us. First of all the views into the future reveals that in 10 years we will find everything established on the market what we have already experienced and achieved here at Connected Living.” According to Christian Klose especially in healthcare, „[...] the entire connectivity and artificial intelligence [...] will be enormously important”, for example as a support for the diagnosis. „In addition to pure technology, we also need an understanding of technology – we need to grasp this as an opportunity to think about new business models for a digital world. It is important now that all healthcare factors are connected and that the patient is put in the focus.”

Afterwards, the participants were able to convince themselves of the potentials of technologies in a simulated daily routine of the future in guided tours through the "Smart Life Lab". The intelligent apartment automatically recognizes when the resident comes home, welcomes him with music, sets the lighting depending on the time of day and light intensity and drives the roller blinds up. The Smart TV and other devices can be operated by voice control. With an intelligent vacuum cleaner, the apartment is cleaned before entering. The kitchen supports the resident through connected kitchen appliances during the preparation of the dinner, intelligent furniture adapts to the ergonomic requirements of the resident and automatically adjusts the optimum height of worktops, cooking and rinsing modules. Nutrition and fitness assistants constantly inform the resident about his health goals. A connected exercise bike motivates the resident through playful elements and virtual worlds to complete his fitness program. Before going to bed, connected sensors determine the air quality that is important for a healthy and restful sleep. A light back coupling shows the inhabitant that the CO2 content is too high and that the room should be ventilated. After getting up, a digital mirror shows the most important news, appointments and departures of public transport via gesture control.

In 2006, the pioneering project was launched by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy and Prof. Albayrak within the framework of the research project "SerCHo" (Service Centric Home). The special feature of the "Smart Life Lab" is the IoT platform IOLITE, developed in the Connected Living network, which enables holistic, cross-vendor connectivity of end devices, whether wired or radio-based. Thus, a "state-of-the-art" technology environment was created, in which all Connected Living members can integrate their smart devices and solutions into a holistic system and present them to the public.

The Innovation Center Connected Living has established itself as one of the largest and most important networks in Germany for the topics Smart Home and Connected Life. The platform is used to realize important conceptual, strategic and technological developments on which today's solutions from leading market players are based. The aim is to support and establish cross-industry partnerships. In Germany's largest open innovation platform for the Connected Life of the future, more than 60 member institutions work together on the development of customer-centric solutions and intuitive technologies.

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