21.02.2018 //

Smart protected: Intelligent insurance models on the rise - expert contribution of Connected Living at haus-finanzieren.org

The digitalization and advancing technological change are increasingly finding their way into our everyday lives. Whether voice assistants, smart kitchen appliances or remote controlled Smart Home technologies - our future will be increasingly connected.
Also insurance companies have already recognized the benefits of Smart Home, are more and more moving away from a pure loss adjustment to active loss prevention and increasingly offer their insurance packages in conjunction with Smart Home products such as water sensors, smoke and motion detectors or alarm systems.

In an expert interview, the Innovation Managers Martin Pietzonka and Jakob Schofer explain what is important for a so-called Smart Insurance and what significance it will have for consumers and insurers in the future.
The article "Smart Protected: Intelligent Insurance Models on the rise" was published in February this year as a cover story on the website haus-finanzieren.org, a specialist portal for real estate owners, and is available here in full length.