22.02.2018 //

Successful Connected Living workshop "Payment in a connected world – how will my customers pay in the future" with Ingenico Payment Services and zero360

Under the title "Payment in a connected world – how will my customers pay in the future", Ingenico Payment Services GmbH and Connected Living successfully held a workshop on 20 February in Dusseldorf, focusing on payment models in a connected world, with more than 20 participants from various sectors.

The digitalization and the use of new technologies are having a greater impact on consumer behavior today than ever before. Through the Internet of Things, the everyday life of consumers is increasingly connected and conventional purchasing processes, such as the weekly walk to the supermarket, are expanded or completely replaced by automatic purchasing and payment processes. Digital services such as the automated reordering of food and consumer goods, the booking of entertainment applications via Smart TV or shopping via voice control fundamentally expand the range of digital Connected Life, take the purchasing, service and booking process to the next level and make the development of new customer offers and interfaces possible. However, to fully exploit the potentials, it requires an active confrontation with the topic payment, which allows companies to open up a world of new possibilities, opportunities, and potential customers.

The aim of the payment workshop was, among other things, to work out the influence of the Internet of Things (IoT) and new payment models on the purchasing behavior of consumers as well as the sales and service strategies of companies and to develop new approaches for innovative ordering and payment processes in the Connected Living.

The introduction to the workshop was given by Arnaud Dubreuil, Marketing Director of Ingenico iLabs, by a keynote speech on "Rise of the Machine Shopper", in which he in particular highlighted the importance of the Internet of Things and the increasing connectivity of everyday devices on the future purchase and payment behavior of consumers. Also, the revised Payment Services Directive PSD II as well as the trends and solutions in the payment area were examined in more detail in the context of keynote speeches. The technological approaches were then illustrated by live demos.
In the further course of the workshop, the participants developed in a method-led workshop, moderated by the member zero360, concrete cross-industry approaches and prototypes for innovative payment processes in the Connected Living and Smart Home as well as implementation approaches for their companies and presented them in pitches. These will be further developed in follow-ups.

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